Golf Putting Instructions: How To Grip Your Putter Squarely

One of the most significant golf putting instructions is teaching someone about how to grip his or her putter handle squarely.

That is to say, that learning how to grip a putter correctly is indeed one of the most important golf putting instructions of all.

However, the vast majority of golfers do not know how to grip their putters squarely.

The reason why they do not is they assume the same style of grip putting on their short putter as they do for their normal golf swing: either a Vardon overlapping, traditional interlocking or regular baseball type of grip. (As of this writing, no one knows whether the belly or long putter will be allowed by the USGA in the future.)

The problem with gripping your putter with either an overlapping, interlocking or baseball style of grip is that the moment you grip your putter in such a manner your, wrists will rotate your putter head to an effective open alignment and, also rotate it to an out-to-in path across your shoulders.

As a result, you will misalign your aim line when you center your putter head behind your ball as you assume your putting stance. (Your aim line is the imaginary line on which your want your ball to roll initially.)

The correct way to grip a putter so the putter head will be square to your aim line is to ensure the lifeline of each hand is gripped squarely and securely on his putter handle.

Your hands must be facing each other perfectly on the putter handle in order to be aligned squarely. In addition, if you have a finger gripped on your putter handle on which a lifeline of one of your hands is positioned, such lifeline must be aligned squarely with the putter handle.

Then, you must center your putter squarely on your aim line in order to sink your putt.

If you are assuming either an overlapping, interlocking or baseball style of grip on your putter handle, switch to a square grip as described above and see if your putting does not improve.

If you do, you should agree that this article contains some of the best golf putting instructions available anywhere around.

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