Golf Swing Techniques: The Takeaway Solution

better tips for golf swingThere are many golf swing techniques relating to a proper takeaway.

One of the many suggested golf swing techniques to take the club back properly is to execute a one-piece swing or, at least a one piece takeaway.

However, a one piece takeaway will not correct the alignment and path of the club face if they are misaligned at the completion of the setup proceedings.

Indeed, most weekend and recreational golfers do not have a proper alignment and path of their club faces at the conclusion of their pre-swing routine.

One of the main reasons that the faces of their clubs are misaligned is that many tend to unlock their right-hand lifeline from their left thumb after completing their grip and then re-lock it on their left thumb. In some instances the unlocking and re-locking of their lifeline/thumb connection occurs a multiple of times.

Each time the lifeline/thumb connection is unlocked and re-locked, the alignment and path of the club face will change. Rarely will it change to a square alignment and an on plane swing path at the completion of the setup proceedings, meaning the club face is mas-aligned if the objective is to hit the ball straight.

When a square alignment and an on plane swing path is locked-in as instructed in many of the books, DVDs and Special Reports that are available at, a one-piece takeaway will keep the alignment and path of the club face locked-in.

However, if a square alignment and an on plane swing path is not locked-in at final address to the ball, a one-piece takeaway will not position the club to deliver a square club face to the ball at impact to produce a straight golf shot.

If the locked-in techniques available at Locked-In Golf are not used, then you should not unlock and re-lock your lifeline/thumb connection after completing your grip.

In such instance, once the grip is completed you should then center the sweet spot of your club face as near as possible to the back of your ball and align your shoulders parallel with your target line.

Then, if you swing your club face back along your target line for one foot, your club face should rotate to a square alignment and an on plane swing path after which you should no further attempt to manipulate your club. Instead keep your left foot planted, maintain eye contact with your ball and execute a regular golf swing.

Discounting wind conditions and elevation differences between your stance and your ball, your ball should fly reasonably straight.

This is a better golf swing technique than simply executing a one-piece takeaway.

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