Straight Golf Shots: The Fallacy Of Swinging With Only One Arm

straight golf shotsWhen learning how to hit straight golf shots you should be aware that swinging with only one arm does not simulate or mirrow that of a swing with both hands gripped on the club.

The reason why it is so important not to rely on a one-arm swing to mirrow that of a regular golf swing with both hands when learning to hit straight golf shots is the phenomenon occurring  when either an overlapping, interlocking or regular baseball style of grip is formed on a club.

Contrary to the grip that occurs when only one arm is gripped on a club. the very instant either an overlapping, interlocking or baseball style of grip  is formed on a club,the wrists will rotate to an effective open alignment and, so will the club face.

In addition, the instant a conventional style of grip is formed on a club, the elbow line will be rotated to the inside of the shoulder line to crete an out-to-in swing path of the club face. In turn, a slice ball flight alignment will be established.

Very few instructors are aware of this phenomenon as is addressed in such books as How Golf Works.

This is no fault of instructors because this is a recently discovered phenomenon.

Without understanding this phenomenon, many instructors continue to recommend that practicing with only one arm will improve your golf swing.

Here is a recent article about swinging the club with only one arm.

“Anyone struggling to hit golf balls with two hands on the club may want to give it a shot with just one. The suggestion may sound flippant, but working one-handed will help golfers with their regular golf swing.

Practicing one-handed improves the sequence of a golfer’s swing as well as balance and timing. One-handed practice swings will also help to build strength in forearms and hands.” For the complete article, visit

In all due respect to the author, swinging with only one arm may help strengthen the arm muscles and may even help with tempo and rhythm, however, it will not mirror the actual swing when both hands are gripped on the club.

Thus, practicing your swing with only one hand on the club may have some advantages but it is a flawed golf method if the purpose is to simulate an actual swing.

Therefore,  you should use it for only such limited purposes, but do not use it if the purpose is to hit straight golf shots.

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