Improve Your Golf Swing: Keep Your Shoulders, Hips And Arms In Sync

Golf swing tipsOne of the best ways to significantly improve your golf swing is to ensure your shoulders, arms and hips are in sync during your swing.

The reason why this is one of the best ways to improve your golf swing is that, if your arms and hips are not in sync with your shoulders during your swing, you are likely to slice your ball.

There are many reasons why your arms, hips and shoulders may not be in sync during your swing

The first reason is the failure to square your club face to your ball during your set up routine.

If you want to hit straight golf shots, your down swing must deliver a square club face to your ball on a path that matches your shoulder and target lines when it impacts your ball.

If your club face is not aligned squarely to your ball at the completion of your set up routine, you will need to manipulate your club during your golf swing in an attempt to square the face of your club to your ball at impact.

Since the rotational band width in which a clubface will rotate to a perfectly square alignment is only a small fraction of a degree, the odds of squaring your club face to your ball in such an instance are slim to none, the very reason why most golfers rarely hit a straight shot.

Another reason why it may be difficult to keep your hips, arms and shoulders in sync during your swing is simply swinging your club too far during your back swing and then too hard during your down swing. This is not a prudent golf method if your objective is to hit the golf ball straight.

Swinging hard is not bad golf swing instruction, as most coaches teach. On the other hand, swinging too hard usually is a recipe for disaster.

This is what happens so often when you limit your hip turn. The result is that your club gets stuck and you must manipulate it in some way during your downswing for it to contact the ball.

In doing so the club face will fail to contact the ball squarely and the ball most likely will curve to the right or left of the target.

Another reason some golfers fail to keep their arms, shoulders and hips in sync during their swing is the balance factor.

If you move your head excessively during your backswing, you will move the top of your spine off its pre-swing axis and cause your arms and hips to be too disconnected during your swing.

Some golfers misunderstand what keeping your head steady during the swing really means.

It means to keep the top of your spine in the same position during the back swing as at the beginning of the swing.

Eventually, you must allow your head to move during your downswing to compensate for your hip rotation but it should not move up or down or laterally during your backswing, other than to swivel in the form that Jack Nicklaus made famous.

Keeping your left heel planted and maintaining a steady head position during your back swing will help you to stay balanced.

Another reason why some golfers fail to keep their hips and shoulders, as well as their arms, in sync is the jerkiness in their swing.

You must maintain good rhythm in order to hit decent golf shots.

One way to maintain good rhythm during the swing is to take the club back in one smooth motion and count to the number “two” between the completion of the backswing and the beginning of the downswing.

Another way to help stay in sync is to maintain the same tempo during the swing.

You should always maintain the same swing speed during your downswing as during your backswing to keep your arms and hips in sync

Maintaining the same swing speed throughout your swing is the most significant factor relating to proper tempo.

If you swing within yourself, maintain proper rhythm, tempo and balance, you will keep your arms and hips, as well as your shoulders, in sync and dramatically improve your golf swing.

You also will begin to hit your ball longer and straighter than ever before.

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