How To Hit A Straight Golf Ball: A Square Club Face At Impact Is All That Is Required

how to hit a straight golf ballWhen learning how to hit a straight golf ball, all that is required is to deliver a square club face to the ball at impact.

The reason why this is the  only requirement when learning how to hit a straight golf ball  is that when a square club face is delivered to the ball at impact, the ball will fly on a straight path parallel with the shoulder line.

Then, assuming the shoulders are aligned parallel to the target line at final address to the ball, the ball will fly on a path directly in line with the target.

This is the way to hit some of the best golf shots of your life.

Most instructors do not know that when you establish a square alignment of the club face you correspondingly create an on line swing path of the club face. It happens automatically.

Many golf articles emphasize the importance of returning the club face squarely to the ball at impact in order to hit a straight golf shot. This is  a portion of such an article:

“Simply because approach effects, your goal will be to swing in the ball by having a square club face and look like you golf swing your clubhead in direction of your particular target. Your backswing and continue position might mirror oneself at a halfway point of each and every. If one does this correctly as part of your follow because of, your club would have released routinely. Your suitable arm starts to show over ones left and you also simply conclude your continue by moving your clubhouse over ones right get.

There’s a lot of golfers what individuals say the fact that feet have to be apart by way of the same width golf tips shoulders. Though this functions sometimes, it’s definitely not one of the best golf trick. Actually, your feet have to be just a little more tremendous apart compared to your muscles. Having a good wider pose means a good wider base which experts claim promotes security.

The full article which includes other golf swing tips appears at

When you acquire the skill to return the face of your club squarely to your ball at impact, you will then know how to hit a straight golf ball.

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