How To Drive Your Golf Ball Straight: Learn To Shift Your Weight Properly During Your Swing

how to drive your golf ball straightIf you want to know how to drive your ball straight you must learn to shift your weight properly during your golf swing .

This means that in learning how to drive your golf ball straight, you must shift your body weight in a certain manner during both your back swing and downswing.

In the era of the “Stack and Tilt”  golf method, much controversy has arisen about how best to shift your weight during the golf swing.

I do not endorse the “Stack and Tilt ” golf swing instructions for many reasons, one of which it creates a reverse pivot of body weight which makes it very difficult to transfer the weight correctly during the downswing.

I subscribe more to the “turn in the barrel” type of weight transfer to hit straight golf shots. This allows you to shift much of your weight to your back foot during your back swing but  does not cause you to become off balance in the process.

As stated, you must not only shift your body weight properly during your back swing but also during your down swing.

This  especially is the case if you want to hit a golf ball straight and far.

If you maintain a steady head, keep your left heel firmly planted and execute a simple golf swing —without any inadvertent or intentional manipulation of the club during your swing,– your weight should shift naturally to the inside of your right foot during your back swing and shift to your left foot during your downswing.

Most professional players nowadays keep their left heel firmly planted during their back swing.

This is in stark contrast to the past when many great players like Jack Nicklaus raised their left heel appreciably during their back swing.

However, Nicklaus and many others used their left heel as a means to shift their weight onto the inside of their left foot during their backswing but  were able to replant it to shift their weight to the left foot at the beginning of their downswing.

Most amateur golfers do not have such abilities.

As long as you keep your knees flexed, your spine angle in place and swing your club until your left shoulder firmly touches your chin, if not under your chin, your body weight should shift naturally to the inside of your right foot during your back swing.

Assuming you have established a square club face and kept a relatively straight arm during such a back swing, you should allow your club to return to your ball in a reflexive manner.

This will cause your body weight to shift naturally to your left foot during your downswing.

One of the most significant disciplines relating to proper weight shift during the golf swing is to allow the hips to rotate instead of sliding them toward the target to begin the downswing.

Unless the club face is appreciably misaligned at final address, sliding the hips toward the target to commence the downswing typically will produce a push or hook because it will rotate the path of the club face to the outside of the body line.

If you want to learn how to drive your golf ball straight, simply establish a square club face alignment, center your club face directly behind your ball, keep your left heel planted, maintain a steady head position and align your shoulders parallel with your target line.

Then keep your left heel planted, maintain a steady head and execute a balanced golf swing.

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