How to hit a draw: There Is An Easier And Better Way

how to hit a drawThere are several ways of  how to hit a draw.

One way of  how to hit a draw is to align your body to the right of your target and your club face to your target

A recent article spoke to this golf method of hitting a draw golf shot

“The simplest way to shape the ball is to alter your address position.

To hit a draw you simply aim your club head at the point where you want the ball to finish and aim your body in the direction in which you want the ball to start.

From this address position make your normal golf swing and the ball will curve from right to left in the air.”  Read more…

The article also spoke of using your hands during the down swing in a way to promote a draw, which is a more difficult method.

I believe the easier and better golf swing  instructions to hit draw golf shots is to lock-in a draw ball flight alignment during the set up routine and then execute a simple golf swing without attempting to manipulate the club in any manner during the golf swing.

When a draw ball flight alignment is locked-in properly the downswing will deliver a closed club face to the ball at impact on an in-to-out swing path to produce an ideal draw golf shot.

An easy way to lock-in a draw ball flight alignment is to follow these steps:

Step 1: Sole your club face in the middle of your stance.

Step 2: Grip your club with either an overlapping, interlocking or baseball style of grip and complete your grip by locking your right-hand lifeline squarely and securely on your left thunb.

Step 3: Maintain your grip, keep your club face grounded, straighten your legs fully and lock both knee joints.

Step 4: While both knee joints remain locked, unlock your right-hand lifeline at least an inch from your left thumb without completely un-gripping your club.

Step 5: Then re-lock your right-hand lifeline squarely and securely on your left thumb. Do not thereafter unlock your right-hand lifeline from your left thumb

Step 6; Then unlock your knee joints and allow your knees to return to a military “at ease”  flex.

At this point you will have a locked-in draw ball flight alignment.

All remaining is to assume a comfortable stance and posture to your ball, center the sweet spot of your club face as near as possible to the back of your ball and align your shoulders parallel with your directional line–the imaginary line on which you want your ball to fly initially. Then keep your left heel planted. maintain a steady head and execute a simple golf swing.

Then watch your ball draw perfectly toward your target.

By doing so, you will experience how to hit a draw the easiest and best way.     golf methods







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