Golf Swing Lesson Instructions: How To Square Your Club Face To Your Target

One of the most important golf swing lesson instructions is learning how to square your club face to your target rather than squaring your club face to a tee box.

The reason why this is one of the most significant golf swing lesson instructions is that many tee boxes are not ligned squarely to the target to which you should aim.

Many golfers will exclaim how a given hole does not line up well for them.

What they usually are trying to convey is the tee box for such hole is misaligned with their target.

It therefore just makes good sense to first observe how the tee box is aligned in relation to your target, whether your target is a specific spot in a fairway or to a certain location of a green.

If the tee box is not aligned squarely with your target you must not rely on aligning your shoulders with the tee box if you want to hit a golf shot straight to your target.

Instead, you must align you’re the face of your club to your target and ignore how the tee box is positioned in relation to your target.

You may consider the following technique to align your shoulders to your respective target, once you lock-in a straight ball flight alignment.

It is called the Arrow Alignment Technique™.

Here are the steps to perform this very innovative technique to determine whether or not your shoulders are aligned perfectly parallel with your target line at final address to your ball.

1.   Stabilize your body to maintain your spine angle.

2.  Close your left eye and focus your right eye on its inside corner at the top of your nose where you should detect a faint configuration of an “arrow.”

3.  Continue to focus your right eye on the “arrow” and, while continuing to immobilize your body, turn your head counterclockwise as far as comfortably possible.

4.  Maintain your eye contact with the “arrow” and, while ensuring the sweet spot of your club face remains centered as near as possible to the back of your ball, move your feet very slightly, if necessary, until the “arrow” points directly at your target.

5.  At this point, your shoulders should be aligned parallel with the imaginary line running from your target back to and through your ball, regardless of how the tee box is aligned in relation to your target.

6.  Then turn your head back to its normal position, keep your head steady and execute a simple golf shot.

7.  Then watch your ball fly on a straight path to your target.

Any time you feel that a hole doesn’t set up well for you, disregard the manner in which the tee box is aligned in relation with your target and use the above described golf method to confirm your shoulders are aligned parallel with  the imaginary line running from your target back to and through your ball.

Then swing away and enjoy one of the best golf swing lesson instructions ever to be written.

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