golf putting instructionsOne of the best golf putting instructions is to use a carpenter’s level during your practice rounds to gain a better perspective of the breaks and slopes on various greens of your home course or other courses you frequently play.

The reason why this is one of the best golf putting instructions is that using a carpenter’s level at different locations on  greens will give you much more accurate information than relying on your own assessment of the breaks and slopes at such locations.

Keep in mind that when I refer to a carpenter’s level, I do not mean a regular carpenter’s level but a miniature one.

You typically can purchase a miniature carpenter’s level at discount stores, such as some dollar type store

You also should have some type of pocket pad with you during your practice rounds on courses you frequently play to record the breaks and slopes at different locations of the various greens on the course.

This is a great golf method to use if you want to improve your golf game and lower your scores because misreading greens is one of the main reasons why golfers miss so many putts.

When you use a miniature carpenter’s level to determine various breaks and slopes from different locations of the greens on courses you frequently play, do not be surprised about how much your putting will improve in the future .

You simply will be able to eliminate a lot of the guess work that is associated with putting. You definitely will improve your golf game.

Simply refer to the notes on your pocket pad as you approach the green in play.

There are some techniques you can use when determining the slopes and breaks of various greens by the use of a miniature carpenter’s level.

One is to place the level directly over the cup and see if it validates your prediction of how the green slopes at such spot..

Most importantly, however, you should predict in which direction the green slopes at other locations and then use the level to determine whether your prediction is accurate. If not, make a note on your pocket pad as to the accuracy of the slope at that particular spot on the green.

Try out this carpenter’s level testing method the next time you play a practice round (preferably alone) and see how it improves your putting.

If you do you should agree that the above is some of the best golf putting instructions anywhere to be found.

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