How To Drive A Golf Ball Straight: Learn How To Grip Your Club In Your Fingers

One of the most reliable ways to learn how to drive a golf ball straight is to assume a Fingers Only Golf Grip™.

Most golfers are unfamiliar with this type of golf grip when learning how to drive a golf ball straight.

Of all the fundamentals relating to the golf swing, gripping the golf club correctly may be the most significant.

If you do not grip your club correctly, all of the other fundamentals, even if performed perfectly, will not allow you to hit your golf ball in the direction intended.

The problem with the conventional golf grips, whether that of an overlapping, interlocking or baseball variety, is that the moment you assume such a grip, your club face will rotate to an open alignment.

In addition, the path of your club face will rotate to an out-to-in path across your shoulders, all of which will establish a slice ball flight alignment.

Although, by the use of my Locked-In Golf™ Techniques, golfers are able to covert the initial slice ball flight alignment — established the instant a conventional golf grip is assumed– to a straight ball flight alignment and, then lock-in a straight ball flight alignment, there are different ways to grip a club to establish a square alignment and on an on line swing path of the club face from the inception.

One way to do so is to assume a  Fingers Only Golf Grip™.

Here are the golf swing instructions to assemble the Fingers Only Golf Grip™:

Step One: lay the handle of your club squarely into the creases at the base of the ring and middle fingers of your left hand. The club handle must be seeded into the creases in a straight line rather than in a diagonal manner.

Step Two: then simply wrap the fingers of your left hand around your club handle to complete your left hand grip.

Step Three: next, merely grip your right hand on your club handle with either an interlocking, overlapping,  or baseball style of grip. Complete your right-hand grip by locking the lifeline of your right hand squarely and snugly on your left   thumb.

Step Four: do not unlock the lifeline of your right hand from your left thumb after completing your grip. If you do, you will lose the built-in straight ball flight alignment of your club face

Once your grip is completed all remaining is to identify your target line and complete your pre-shot proceedings.

That is, assume a comfortable stance and posture to your ball, center the sweet spot of your club face as near as possible to the back of your ball–it must be centered within one-eighth of an inch to the back of your ball– and then align your shoulders parallel with your target line to complete your set up proceedings.

You must then keep your left heel planted, maintain constant eye contact with your ball and execute a regular golf swing.

Then watch your ball fly on a straight path in line with your target, discounting wind conditions and elevation differences between your stance and your ball.

You must keep your left heel firmly planted throughout your golf swing because, otherwise, your alignment and path of your club face will change and you will not hit a straight golf shot.

Also, you must maintain eye contact with your ball from the beginning of your golf swing through impact. If not, the alignment and path of your club face will change and you will mishit your golf shot.

Many golfers assume a fingers type grip.

However, they sometimes fail to place the handle of their club squarely into the creases at the base of the ring and middle fingers of their left hand.

Also, they all too frequently unlock the lifeline of their right hand from their left thumb after completing their grip.

Either will destroy an otherwise straight ball flight alignment that occurs when the grip is assumed correctly, as described above.

If you want to learn how to drive a golf ball straight, you may wish to begin with a Fingers Only Golf Grip™.

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