Best Golf Lessons: Keep Your Knees Level And Stable During Your Swing

golf swing tipsOne of the very best golf lessons is to keep your knees level and stable throughout your golf swing. The reason why this is one of the most important and best golf lessons is that, otherwise, your spine angle will not remain in tact and you will have difficulty hitting your golf ball straight.

There are lots of disciplines attached to the golf swing but some of the most significant golf swing instructions is to teach how the knees must function during a simple golf swing.

Some golfers consciously straighten their right leg and practically lock their right knee joint during their back  swing.

As a consequence, their body weight is shifted to their left leg instead of to their right leg and not only do they become off balance, they have difficulty returning the club face squarely to the ball at impact.

Since there is little if any body weight shift from the right foot to the left foot during the downswing, there is a substantial loss of distance.

Accuracy also is compromised. Don’t expect to hit your best golf shots when you straighten your right leg and lock your right knee joint during your back swing.

On the other hand, some golfers straighten their left leg and lock their left knee joint during the impact zone of the golf swing.

This equally creates a disaster.

When you straighten your left leg and lock your left knee joint as your club face strikes your ball during the impact zone of the downswing, you prevent your hips from rotating fully counterclockwise.

The likely result is a pushed golf shot.

The best golf method with regard to the function of the knees during the golf swing is to keep them level so that neither leg is straightened more than the other during the golf swing.

In addition, your knees should remain stable during your golf swing. This means they should not shift to the left or right but instead, remain in their pre-shot position.

If your knees wobble to the left or, raised or lowered during your golf swing, its impacts your balance, tempo and rhythm.

This means that stabilizing your knees and keeping them level during your golf swing remains one of the very best golf lessons.

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