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Some of the best golf swing instructions is to disregard the  “blind spot” of the back swing.

The reason why this is some of the best golf swing instructions is that many golfers are intimidated by the “blind spot.”

Some are so intimidated by the golf swing “blind spot” they fail to complete their back swing and ,in turn, are unable to hit the golf ball straight.

This “blind spot” of the golf swing occurs when the left arm covers the ball during the backswing from the golfer’s line of vision.

That is to say, there is a point in the backswing where your left arm blocks your vision from the ball.

It is very important that you maintain eye contact with your ball from the completion of your setup routine through impact.

The “blind spot” keeps you from maintaining eye contact through impact during your back swing.

As a result, some golfers swing only to the point of the “blind spot” and, in turn, fail to complete a full backswing.

When you only swing to the point of the “blind Spot” during your backswing, you will lose considerable distance.

Indeed, you may complete no more than one-half of a back swing if you swing only to the point of the “blind spot.”

In order to swing past the “blind spot” during the back swing and be able to maximize your distance, you should perform the following steps:

STEP1: Lock-in a straight ball flight alignment. (Techniques to lock-in a straight ball flight alignment are available at

STEP 2: Assume a comfortable stance and posture to your ball, center the sweet spot of the clubface as near as possible to the back of your ball and align your shoulders parallel with your target line.

STEP3: Then keep a steady head, a relatively straight arm, planted left heel and swing the club back until your left shoulder firmly touches your chin.

STEP 4: Then allow your club face to return reflexively to your ball. Your downswing will deliver a square club face  to your ball at impact on a path that matches your shoulder and target lines.

You then should watch your ball fly on a straight path to your target.

You must swing well past the “blind spot” of your golf swing in order to move your club to the point that your left shoulder will firmly touch your chin while keeping your left heel planted on the surface.

If you are being intimidated by the “blind spot” of the golf swing, please disregard it and complete a full backswing if you want to maximize your distance of each club and hit your ball far and straight.

If you do, you should then agree this information may be some of the best swing golf instructions you will ever receive.

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