Golf Swing Tips: Add More Wedges In Your Set To Improve Your Golf Game

golf swing tipsOne of the best golf swing tips is to carry more wedges in your bag unless you are a low handicap player.

It is one of the best golf swing tips because it will substantially improve your golf swingand lower your scores.

The reason why you need to carry more wedges in your bag if you are not a low handicap player is because most recreational and weekend golfers are unable to reach a typical par five hole in two shots.

On the other hand, many low handicap players are able to reach a par five hole in two shots. Some of their best golf shots are on par five holes.

Even if you are a low handicap player, adding more wedges to your set may not be such a bad idea and may lead to some of your best golf shots.

However, most high handicap players simply do not have that many situations in a round of golf to use their mid irons, especially if they typically play from the tips.

Therefore, most high handicap players may improve their golf game by substituting a lob wedge for a five or six iron.

Then, even if they are confronted with a five or six iron shot, they can choke down slightly on the four iron and still hit the ball the same approximate distance.

A substituted lob wedge could save them a par if they miss a green in regulation because it can be used in a variety of ways.

I typically recommend at least three wedges in the bag for higher handicap golfers.

Specifically, I recommend high handicap players to carry a lob, sand and regular wedge. I suggest extremely high handicap golfers, as well as most seniors, to carry four wedges for most golf courses. This would make it necessary to remove perhaps two clubs from the bag.

Again, when faced with a shot in which a certain club normally is used, one should merely choke down on the next stronger club.

Extremely high handicap golfers most likely would play better golf if they carried a lob, sand, gap and regular wedge in their set.

I suggest players carry five wedges when playing most par three courses and executive golf courses. This would require the removal from their set clubs that would not typically be used when playing such short golf courses. .

For par three and executive courses, this would include a 64 degree flop wedge, either a 58 or 60 degree lob wedge, a standard sand wedge,  a gap wedge and a regular wedge.

You should be able to hit within five to ten yards of any hole location within 100 yards of a green with the use of these five wedges.

This assumes sufficient practice with the five wedges. During your practice, you should learn how to hit a one-quarter, one-half, a three-fourth and a full swing with each wedge.

You definitely should save a lot more pars and birdies by using more wedges than mid-irons.

The next time you play a par three or executive course add more wedges to your bag and see if you don’t shoot a lower score than previously.

Substitute more wedges for clubs you rarely use in a round of golf, whether on a par three, executive or regular golf course.

Then learn how to hit all your wedges to within five to ten yards of your target.

Carrying more wedges in your bag remains one of the best golf swing tips ever.

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