golf swing instructionSome of the best golf swing instruction is to refrain from flaring your left foot in the direction of your target after gripping your club.

The reason why this is some of the best golf swing instruction is that by flaring your left foot after gripping your club, you will tend to open your shoulders toward your target and create a slice ball flight alignment.

Golfers routinely have been taught to flare their left foot toward the target during their setup proceedings.

Some instructors apparently teach this golf method to increase the angle of attack of the golf swing to attain a higher trajectory of the golf ball.

I submit it creates more problems than it resolves.

For example, assuming an otherwise perfect stance, ideal posture and ball placement at final address, all that is accomplished by flaring your left foot after gripping your club is to rotate your shoulder line to the inside of your directional line.

This simply means were you to address your ball, grip your club, align your shoulders parallel with your directional line and then flare your left foot in a counterclockwise manner in the direction of your target, you would change your parallel alignment between your shoulder line and your directional line to an out-to-in alignment across your directional line.

This sets you up for a slice golf shot.

In such example, the down swing will deliver an open club face to the ball at impact on an out-to-in swing path across the shoulder line to produce a slice ball flight. A slice golf shot occurs as a result of a club face contacting the ball at impact with an open alignment on an out-to-in path across the shoulder line.

Since the club face effectively is aligned openly the instant a conventional golf grip is assumed as well as on an out-to-in swing path to establish a slice ball flight alignment, why compound the problem by flaring the left foot in the direction of the target and increase the slice of the ball flight?

Most golfers would be better served by squaring their toe line parallel with their directional line and, their feet perpendicular to their directional line, at final address to the ball in order to form a square body line with their directional line and avoid an even more pronounced slice golf shot..

They then should agree the above to be some of the best golf swing instruction around these days.

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