improve your golf gameOne way to improve your golf game is to select enough club to carry your ball over water.

The reason why this is a great way to improve your golf game is that many golfers, especially weekend and recreational golfers, believe they can hit their best golf shot over water with their regular club choice for the distance involved.

Unfortunately, what happens too often is such golfers will tighten their muscles during their swing, fail to make a complete and full backswing, come up short with their golf shot and land their ball in the water. This is not a realistic golf method.

What’s worse  is that the same golfer often will turn “macho” and attempt the same golf shot from the same spot with the same club and once again, come up short and land his ball into the water.

Because of the tendency of many high-handicap golfers to tighten their muscles during their golf swing when confronted with a golf shot over water, they customarily will hit their ball a shorter distance than normal.

As a result, high-handicap and other golfers who are overly intimidated when confronting a golf shot over water would be better served by selecting at least one club stronger than their regular club of choice for the distance at hand.

Assuming such a golfer were to hit the stronger club perfectly, it most likely would land on the back of the green and in much less trouble than taking a chance of coming up short with a more lofted club, landing in the water and suffering a penalty.  

It indeed is a sinking feeling to be playing a decent round of golf, only to hit a ball into the water confronting a green and taking a bogie or worse.

If you feel less than comfortable when facing a water hole, simply choose a stronger club and execute your normal swing. If you fail to complete a full and complete golf swing you still have a decent chance of landing your ball on the green.

If you hit your shot perfectly with the stronger club, you still should have an opportunity of making your par, if on the green in regulation. 

Even for low and mid-handicappers, it probably is not a bad idea to select a stronger club when facing water, particularly if the water is next to a green, sloping downward to the water.

How many professional golfers have lost tournaments, even major tournaments, by attempting to hit their ball over water to a downward sloping green, with the pin tucked near the water?

These conditions do not bode well for tournament players who delight in the amount of backswing they can put on their ball.

 Therefore, you definitely will improve your golf game by not taking unrealistic chances when hitting over water.

 Simply select one club stronger than usual for the distance in question.

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