improve your golf swingHitting your ball to the center of the approaching green may be one of the main keys to improve your golf swing.

Indeed, hitting your approach shot to the center of the upcoming green may be one of the best golf swing tips yet.

This precisely is the approach you should take when you are a few strokes ahead of your opponent during the last holes of a tournament.

Had Harrison Fraser taken this approach, he may have won the FedEx St, Jude Classic Tournament that was held inMemphis in 2011, without being forced into a playoff which he eventually won.

However, rather than  hitting his ball to the middle of the 18th green and then stroking his ball into the cup in regulation to win the tournament outright, he seemingly attempted to hit his approach shot to the pin that was located on the left side of the green, near a lake.

Fraser hit a very good approach shot to the green but unfortunately, his ball drew slightly to the left, rolled off the green and went into the lake.

He was able to salvage a bogey that got him into a playoff that he eventually won—which was his first win on the PGA Tour after 13 years.

Fraser could have avoided the agony of a playoff  had he hit his approach shot to the middle of the 18th green in the final round of the tournament because his playing opponent, who was one stroke behind at the time, was only able to par the final hole.

Considering the way Fraser had been putting during the tournament, the odds were in his favor that he could have made par from any spot on the final green and certainly, from the middle of the green.

Aiming to the center of a green makes good sense anytime the cup is located near a hazard.

It definitely is one of the best ways to improve your golf swing and lower your golf scores. This especially is the case when you are leading a tournament on the final hole of a match when the cup is located near a hazard.

Aim to the middle of the green and play safe when you have any doubt about your ability to  hit your ball to a pin tucked near a hazard.

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