Some of the best golf swing tips nowadays are to know how to never lose your golf swing again.

Week end and recreational golfers often exclaim they have lost their golf swing or, on the other hand, they state that they have found their swing once again.

Professional golfers sometimes lose their golf swings as well.

Even legendary Ben Crenshaw lost his swing a few years ago. Fortunately, he finally got it back in time to win the Masters, thanks to some tips from his caddie, Carl Jackson.

Ian Baker- Finch, now a Golf Channel commentator, lost his golf swing several years ago after winning the British Open. 

Even with the best instruction and golf method, he was never able to get his swing back to the level at which he won the “Open.” 

The question is why do some golfers lose their golf swing? Here is the answer.

The reason why golfers lose their golf swings at times is they fail to lock-in a desired ball flight alignment during their setup routine.

If you fail to lock-in a specific ball flight alignment during your setup routine, any body movement after forming a conventional style of grip on the club will rotate the clubface to a different alignment.

Furthermore, any additional or subsequent body movement will again rotate the alignment and swing path of your clubface to yet another different and undetectable ball flight alignment

Moreover, any manipulation of your clubface to the inside or outside of its pre-swing path during your golf swing will rotate the alignment and swing path of your clubface once again to a different and undetectable ball flight alignment.

By the time the clubface strikes the ball it is anyone’s guess in which direction and pattern the ball will fly.

This is the very reason why a golfer will hook his or her ball in one instance and slice it in the next, while swinging the club in the same exact manner each time.

The reason for hooking the ball in one instance and slicing it in the next is not dependant on the swing, necessarily.

Instead, the primary reason for such inconsistency is that a specific ball flight alignment was not locked-in at the completion of the setup proceedings.

As a result, any body movement after initially gripping the club will rotate the alignment and swing path of the clubface to a different and undetectable one.

After more than 10 years of research and thousands of experiments, I have designed, developed and perfected more than 100 techniques to lock-in a straight ball flight alignment during the setup proceedings.

Once locked-in in such a manner, it then just becomes a matter of assuming a comfortable stance to the ball, centering the clubface directly behind the ball, aligning the shoulders parallel with the target line and executing a simple golf swing.

Discounting wind conditions and elevation differences between the stance and the ball, the ball will fly as straight-as-an-arrow to the designated target.

Also, I have designed more than 60 techniques to lock-in shaped golf shots during the setup proceedings.

Instructions to lock-in such straight and shaped ball flight alignments are available on DVDs, and in Special Reports and books, at LockedInGolf.Com.

If you learn how to lock-in specific ball flight alignments during your setup routine, assume a comfortable stance, center your clubface directly behind your ball, align your shoulders parallel with your target line and execute a simple golf swing,  your ball will fly directly to your target.

You then should never lose your golf swing again and agree that learning such locked-in techniques has to be some of the best golf swing tips you will ever receive.

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