golf swing instructionsSome of the best golf swing instructions nowadays is to select one club stronger on the first few holes in your round of golf if you do not have time to hit some practice before beginning play.

These golf swing instructions can immensely lower your score and improve your golf game if you are a recreational or weekend golfer and do not play as frequently as you would like.

This also is good advice for seniors whose muscles may not be as supple those of younger players.

Although choosing a stronger club than usual for the first few holes in a round of golf might be less important during the summer months when the air is warmer and the ball flies farther, it definitely should be considered sound advice during the cooler months of the year.

When it is inconvenient or you do not have enough time to warm up with some practice balls before a round of golf, your muscles are tense.

This makes it difficult to complete a full shoulder turn. As a consequence, there will be less club head speed to the ball at impact  and the ball will not fly as far as when the muscles are warned up after playing the first few holes in a round of golf.

For instance, I recently played a par three course and started on a hole near the parking lot where I had parked my car.

This particular hole is approximately 115 yards from the back tees to the middle of an uphill green.

Since I had rushed to the golf course to get in a full round before sunset, I did not have time to warm up at the practice range.

I considered the hole was playing around 125 yards from the back tees, given the uphill green.

Instead of selecting a nine iron, I decided to hit an eight iron because my muscles were very tight.

The ball landed in the middle of the green and I easily made par.

 After playing the course and ending up where I had begun the round, I decided to replay the first hole.

 Instead of selecting my 8 iron for the shot, as before, I chose a full wedge and landed it on the front of the green.

Being at the end of the round with my muscles fully stretched and relaxed I was able to complete a full shoulder turn and hit the bll as hard as I desired.

 Otherwise, there is no way I could have hit a full wedge that far.

 Therefore, the next time you do not have enough time to warm up and stretch your muscles before beginning play select one club stronger than customary for the first few holes.

 You may agree this to be some of the best golf swing instructions you will ever receive.

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