golf swing tipsOne of the best golf swing tips is to hit a power push golf shot when there is trouble on the left of a fairway or green.

The reason why this is one of the best golf swing tips is a push will flight your ball slightly to the right and away from any hazard or trouble to your left, whether driving your ball from the tee box, hitting a fairway shot or hitting your approach shot to a green.

The ball will fly slightly to the right of your body line and  continue on a rather straight path to the right. It is a winning golf method when there is touble on the left.

Some prefer to hit a fade golf shot to avoid trouble on the left.

However, unless a fade ball flight alignment is locked-in as addressed in the book, How To Hit a Perfect Fade, a golfer easily can misalign his or her body to cause the ball to fly in the opposite direction from the one intended and land in the trouble to the left.

It is called the “double-cross” effect.

The push golf shot is not as susceptible to the “double-cross” effect because the ball starts to the right and continues to the right, in contrast to a fade or slice that starts to the left and then curves to the right.

However, when hitting a push shot to avoid trouble on the left, you should lock-in a push ball flight alignment during your setup routine to prevent even the possibility of being “double-crossed.”

One of my favorite ways to lock-in a push ball flight during the setup proceedings is the Ferocious Push Technique™.

It is easy and simple to perform. Here’s how.

Step 1:  assume a comfortable stance and posture and then ground the sole of your clubface in the middle of your stance.

Step 2: next, straighten your legs to the maximum and lock your knee joints. Keep your knee joints locked until the completion of the procedure.

Step 3: then grip your club with either an overlapping, interlocking or baseball (ten fingers) style of grip and complete your grip by locking (docking) the lifeline of your right hand squarely and securely on your left thumb.

 tep 4: keep the sole of your clubface on the surface and then raise your shoulders until your clubface stops rotating clockwise and begins to slide in toward your body.

Step 5: then maintain your shoulders position and unlock the lifeline of your right hand from your left thumb by at least an inch without completely un-gripping your club. Then relock the lifeline of your right hand squarely and securely on your left thumb. (You must not unlock the lifeline of your right hand from your left thumb an additional time.)

At his point you should have a locked-in push ball flight alignment

All that remains is to unlock your knee joints, assume a comfortable posture and stance to your ball, center the sweet spot of your clubface as near as possible to the back of your and align your shoulders parallel with your target line.

Then it just becomes a matter of keeping your left heel firmly planted, a steady head and executing s balanced golf swing without attempting to manipulate your club during your swing in any manner.

Discounting wind conditions and elevation differences between your stance and your ball, you should see your ball fly to the right of your body line in a perfect push pattern.

If you learn how to perform the Ferocious Push Technique™ correctly and, as instructed above, you should agree it is the perfect golf shot to avoid trouble to the left and one of the best golf swing tips ever written.

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Gordon Jackson, founder of Locked-in Golf Inc., author of Straight Shooting Golf and 11 other books on golf instruction, and who has written more extensively about golf mechanics then anyone in the history of the sport.


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