Easiest golf swing tipsOne of the best golf swing instructions is learning how to lock-in a PRESTO FADE alignment during the setup proceedings.

If you follow the golf swing instructions below, you will hit a perfect fade golf shot.

After more than 10 years of research and thousands of experiments I have been able to design, develop and perfect more than 15 techniques to lock-in and produce a perfect fade ball flight.

Locking-in and producing fade golf shots must be some of the best golf swing instructions available anywhere on the planet.

If you objective is to hit a perfect fade golf shot and you do not lock-in a fade ball flight alignment during your setup routine, you must rely on the traditional way of hitting a fade.

The traditional way of hitting (actually attempting to hit) a fade golf shot is most unreliable.

The traditional golf method to hit a fade golf shot is to purposely misalign the shoulders with the target line, swing the club along the body line during the backswing and then swing the club down the target line during the through swing.

The difficulty with this golf method, however, is that if the shoulder-to-target line is not accurately misaligned or the club is not swung precisely as required during the golf swing, a double-cross will occur and the ball will fly in the opposite direction of the one intended.

The Presto Fade Technique™ eliminates the double-cross effect because a fade ball flight alignment is locked-in during the setup proceedings and will remain locked-in during the golf swing unless the clubface is manipulated off its pre-swing alignment during the golf swing.

The specific instructions to perform the Presto Fade Technique™ are:

Step 1:  sole your clubface in the middle of your stance, irrespective of whether your clubface is centered directly behind your ball or merely near your ball.

Step 2: straighten your legs as much as possible and then lock both of your knee joints.Keep your knee joints locked until the completion of the fourth step below. 

Step 3:.then grip your left hand on your club in a conventional (diagonal ) manner.

Step 4: then form your right hand grip on your club with an overlapping, interlocking or baseball style of grip. Complete your grip by locking the lifeline of your right hand squarely and securely on your left thumb. At this point you should have a locked-in fade ball flight alignment.

Step 5: next, unlock your knee joints and keep them unlocked.

Step 6: center the sweet spot of  your clubface within one-eighth of an inch to the back of your ball  (unless already so centered), assume a comfortable stance and posture to your ball and align your shoulders parallel with your directional line, the imaginary line on which you want your ball to fly initially.

Step 7:  keep a head steady, maintain eye contact with your ball, ensure your left heel remains planted and execute a non-manipulative golf swing.

You should then watch your ball fade perfectly, discounting wind conditions and elevation differences between your feet and, between your stance and your ball.

The Presto Fade Technique is but one of the locked-in fade techniques taught in the book, Surefire Golf.  The instructions to perform each technique in Surefire Golf include confirmation tests, alignment techniques and trouble-shooting tips.

Once you are able to perform any of these techniques you would never think of reverting back to the traditional  and unreliable method of hitting a fade golf shot

Then hopefully you would agree that the  information above may be the best golf swing instructions available anywhere to hit a perfect fade.

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