golf putting tipsOne of the best golf putting tips is to observe the break and pace of the putts of other golfers in your group, particularly the break and pace of your opponent’s putt.

Although this discipline works best when your ball is in the vicinity of the ball being putted, you can gain a better perspective of the general speed of the green by studying the putts of other players in your group even if your ball is not in the near vicinity of the ball being putted.

When it comes to long putts, knowing the speed of the green is significantly important.

For example, even if you were to read the break of your putt perfectly but your ball rolled past the cup by 20 feet, it could pose a challenge putting back to the hole. Making a 20 foot putt is not all that easy, not even for professionals..

Thus, when it comes to long putts the pace of the putt is more important than the break of the putt unless there is an extreme break.

This is not to suggest that the break of the putt is not important.

Nonetheless, by studying the putts of others in your group, you should be able to negotiate the break better than the pace, especially if their ball is near yours and they putt first.

I recently heard one of the instructors on the Golf Channel suggest that you should try to roll your ball several feet outside the apex of your aim line rather than directly over the point of the apex to allow for the break of the putt.

I agree that most golfers do not allow for enough break for their putts, especially if there is an extreme break.

However, it makes more sense to observe the putts of other members of your group in determining breaks and adjust accordingly rather than just assuming you should aim several feet to the outside of the apex of your aim line to adjust for the break.

When you observe the amount of break allowed by a fellow member of your group whose ball is in the vicinity of your ball and, who putts before you, you will be provided with the best possible information about the break of your putt.

I trust these golf putting tips will be beneficial to you and, by using them, you will improve your putting and lower your golf scores.

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