best golf instructionThe best golf instruction for par three courses is to carry a full set of wedges because the majority of holes will require less lofted clubs.

My perfect set of wedges when playing a par three course, especially a par three course with shorter holes, would consist of a 64 degree flop wedge,  60 degree lob wedge,  56 degree sand wedge,  52 degree gap wedge and  48 degree full wedge.

Considering that on shorter par three courses the distance from tee box to pin placement typically range from about 70 to 110 yards,  if you know how to hit a golf ball straight consistently, you should be able to hit each green with a 10 yards separation between each of the five wedges.

Therefore, you should be within a few yards, if not within a few feet, of the cup with each of your respective golf shots.

For example, I typically can hit my 64 degree flop wedge approximately 70 yards at sea level with little or no wind. This should be a perfect wedge for me on any hole that requires such carry.

If I execute a full swing with my 60 degree lob wedge, I can hit it approximately 80 yards which would be the perfect wedge for any hole on a shorter par three that would require such carry.

Normally, I can hit my sand wedge at least 90 yards without any difficulty, which would be the perfect wedge for a hole of such distance.

If the hole requires a 100 yard carry, it would be the exact yardage for my 52 degree gap wedge.

If, on the other hand, the hole requires a carry of l10 yards, it would be the ideal yardage for my full wedge.

Moreover, if I turn my shoulders ten percent more on my back swing, I can gain an extra ten yards with each club.

Not only is this perfect wedge set ideal for such full shots on a par three course, these wedges also are beneficial for pitching the ball to the cup if for some reason the ball rolls or lands off the green.

For example, if the ball is approximately 10 to 15 yards from the pin placement,  I need to take no more than a mere wrist swing with a 60 degree wedge to pitch the ball to such yardage.

If laying 20 yards off the green and from the pin placement, I would simply hit a one-quarter pitch shot with my 64 degree flop wedge.

You should be able to recover any shot that rolls or lands off the green by swinging each wedge at five different levels:  a wrist swing,  one-quarter swing,  one-half swing,  three-quarter swing and  full swing.

Most importantly, however, is that you must hit a straight golf shot with each club in your perfect wedge set to fly your ball straight to your target.

The best golf instruction to hit a straight golf shot consistently is to lock-in a straight golf ball alignment during your setup routine, center the sweet spot of your clubface directly behind your ball, align your shoulders parallel with your target line, keep your left foot planted and execute a balanced golf swing.

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